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From the love for tradition and innate taste for the beautiful, comes the ceramics of Boutique Paolina, which, for 25 years has offered it's clientele, choice, refinement and professional quality at a competitive price. From the workshops situated in nearby Vietri, a town renowned throughout the world for beautiful ceramics, come articles primarily for decoration and colour but at the same time they are practical and functional.
They adapt well to the demands for colour by those who wish to surround themselves with beautiful things without, however, losing their practical usage.
A strongpoint of the local industry is the capacity for renewal and adaptation to the changing tastes and requirements of the clientele, always  searching out new things that reflect today's lifestyle.

Our young ceramicists are attentive to the skills handed down by their predecessors whilst more than able to develop their own work.  It is not to be forgotten that it is necessary to be a little detached from tradition to be contemporary and topical whilst taking into account the competitiveness that is very diverse in the region. The economic development of our region has led to the birth of new activities that do not always succeed in pursuing the course of novelty and tradition, elements that in time normally guarantee the continuation of a business. It is this continuation that allows us to anticipate demands and tastes without losing sight of the teachings of the past.  This produces unique ceramics to either give as presents or as a treat for oneself so that our love for the beautiful reaches distant places and lasts for years.